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Cape Racing has implemented a new local race condition, which states as follows: 

 “Any horse that is the subject of a pending or ongoing NHA investigation or inquiry pertaining to any classified Class 1 or Class 2 Prohibited Substance matter, or any Forbidden Substance matter, shall at the time of final declarations, be automatically precluded from being accepted with unless prior exceptional circumstances are presented to the Operator, who in such event, shall have the sole discretion to deviate therefrom on good cause shown.” 

This new rule has been lodged with the National Racing Bureau (NRB) and will become effective from Monday, September 18th, 2023.  

Cape Racing’s Chairman Greg Bortz stated: 

“As stated publicly on numerous occasions, Cape Racing is committed to upholding and preserving the reputation of horse racing in our country, and we believe that this local condition will contribute meaningfully in this regard. Cape Racing will continuously seek new avenues to protect our horses and enhance the sport of horse racing in South Africa. We will lead by example. “